How Pomodoro Changed My Life

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I’ve always struggled with procrastination and minimizing distractions so I when I first heard about the Pomodoro Timer I was very excited. With the Pomodoro Timer, you focus on one thing for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break. Then you repeat the cycle until you complete your task or switch to something new on your to-do-list. The 25 minutes timer works great because it doesn’t feel too long or too short to accomplish something. If you have trouble with procrastination like I do here are some reasons why you might want to consider adding the Pomodoro Timer to your daily routine.

It helped me establish a morning and evening routine
Getting up early never came naturally to me. However, if I can squeeze in one or two Pomodoro sessions before I begin working my day is way more productive. Equally important is an evening ritual that I always disliked doing because I don’t like working late at night. Once again though I can easily commit to just one Pomodoro Timer and spend 25 minutes preparing my goals for tomorrow so during the workweek, I don’t waste valuable time in the morning planning my day.

It makes me procrastinate less
Before Pomodoro, I tended to multitask too much and easily get distracted. With Pomodoro, I can separate my leisure time from my work time. I use the full 25 minutes for work and then use the five-minute reward to browse the web or whatever I feel like doing. This way my reward time is limited to small chunks of the day instead of losing hours that I can’t get back.

Improved my focus
When my mind focuses on just one thing, I can block out all my mental thoughts and the conversations around me. The same thing goes for multitasking that was also a bad habit for me. Now instead of doing multiple things at once I separate all my tasks individually, and I can get more done in less time.

Helped me push harder for deadline driven assignments
When I had something urgent, I rely on Pomodoro. Just having the timer in front of me reminds me that I need to hustle and pushes me to get work done faster.

Forces me not to work on the same task for too long
Being limited to just one task made me realize how long certain tasks take. For example applying for a job or completing a writing assignment I initially thought would take all day, but once I started a task, I found I could finish it much faster. Other tasks like calling a customer service rep I thought would take much longer than 25 minutes, but it ended up being much shorter. With a more accurate measure of time, I found that using the Pomodoro Timer helped me judge how much I could realistically get done in one day.

Help me form new habits
New habits are difficult to form. So, what I love about Pomodoro, is I can test out new habits regularly by just devoting 25 minutes each day. If I see the change is beneficial in my life, then I’ll commit to it long term. For instance, updating my blog sometimes feels like another full-time job, but by spending just 25 minutes a day, I can make steady progress over the long haul. Even though it can seem painfully slow at first.

I learned how to cluster small tasks together
It may be detrimental to the idea behind the Pomodoro, but another way to use the 25-minute timer is to group together a bunch of five-minute tasks together. Then focus on completing them in the time frame. I found this helpful to use when I have a lot of minor tasks to do like email several people or do chores around the house.

Realize the importance of breaks
Being forced to take breaks every 25 minutes really helps. Often people work for too long and don’t recharge mentally. I did this too. However, by forcing myself to take breaks, I realized having those five minutes to look forward to while doing my work improved my motivation level. I found it help me focus more on accomplishing goals faster so I could have my reward.

In conclusion, the Pomodoro Timer has changed my life and without it, I wouldn’t be as productive. If you haven’t considered Pomodoro, then I urge you to give it a shot.

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