Published Writing Samples

UX Research and Writing- February 2018- Present

In addition to writing, I’ve done UX Research work for startups and nonprofits. I also worked on a few UX writing assignments focused on AI chatbots and website error messages for users.

Check out my UX Research Portfolio here. Tom Kosiec UX Research Portfolio 2021

The Big Bold- September 2019- September 2019- 

Wrote two blog posts on cryptocurrency for a tech client. Read them here.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (NCCBF)- Feb 2019- April 2019

Wrote a press release, helped with social media promotion and created a survey.

DoorDash- March 2019- May 2019  

Revised articles on the customer support website. Read some I edited here.

Bevov- February 2018- June 2018

Published blogs and other written content during the early stages of Bevov. Writing featured in the first three blog posts. Read it here.

Kotaku TAY Classic (Talk Amongst Yourself)- Feb 2018- March 2018

Wrote two blogs for Kotaku’s popular reader-run community blog TAY Classic. Read them here.

LinkedIn- May 2016- July 2017

A blog series about career development strategies on LinkedIn. You can read my posts here.

CoWorkers- March 2016- July 2016

I interviewed various members at CoWorkers about the benefits they’ve experienced working away from home. I wrote profiles for 10 members and you can find them on the website. Click the link below for a profile example.

CoWorkers member profile

BOCA Communications- September 2014- June 2015

Wrote content for the BOCA Blog, press releases for B2B clients and published social media content.


The BOCA Blog- Read it here.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts. Read it here.


Vosges Haut- Chocolate Press Release- Read it here.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Press Release- Read it here.


Check out the Facebook and Twitter page I worked on with the BOCA staff.


TapSense-July 2014-August 2014

Assisted TapSense with writing an eBook. Content featured at GamesBeat 2014 and the Game Developers Conference 2015.

“A Complete Guide to Mobile Game Ad Monetization” eBook- Read it here.


VentureBeat-March 2014

I wrote an article about my favorite video game Secret of Mana and it was published on the front page of GamesBeat. Read it here.

The UWM Post- January 2011-October 2011

From Jan 2011 to Oct 2011 I wrote a weekly video game column for the UWM Post. The original online links are gone, but I’ve reposted them on my blog. Read them here.

Media Milwaukee January 2011-May 2011

Two of my college assignments were published on the award-winning college site Media Milwaukee.

Crossing Brady Street- The original link is gone, but you can find it on my blog. Read it here.

Union Piano Man- Read it here.

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