My Favorite Blog Posts from BOCA Communications

blog post picturesFrom August 2014 to June 2015, I blogged for BOCA Communications. It was a great experience and l learned a lot during my time there. Here are a few of my favorites blogs I wrote for them.

Learning How to Be a Better PR Pro: From Other Jobs

A fun three-part blog post series where I interview my coworkers about what they did before they started in PR and what helped them excel at their career. Here’s part one.

PR and Tech Growth Outside Silicon Valley

A two-part blog post where I examined the different tech sectors around the world experiencing strong job growth and tech innovation.

Introducing the New Faces of BOCA

Interviewing people is my favorite part of journalism so writing profiles about the BOCA staff members and learning more about them was a great experience.

007 Tips You Can Learn from James Bond to Ignite Your Tech PR Career

A  blog post examining how James Bond relates to PR and how you can learn from him.

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