The Future of Journalism

Future of journalism

In the year 2025 newspapers and magazines have become obsolete. The digital revolution has begun. The people of the future have each been issued a holograph system that allows them to access the news in the palm of their hands. The technology incorporates all five of your senses.

For example, if you’re hungry you can use your voice to say Ian’s Pizza. A 3D image will pop up with information on locations, phone numbers, and anything else your imagination can conjure up. If you want to smell, feel, and taste a sample of the pizza before ordering you can do that too.

The holograph system is all touched based and incorporates the latest in 3D technology. Don’t like the person presenting the news? You have the option to change their identity, put them in a chicken suit, or do whatever you want to their appearance. How the news is presented is up to the user, and no holograph system is the same.

3D technology once a relatively new form of entertainment 15 years ago has reached its prime. Using your hands, you can touch images from print new stories, and customize them to suit your preference. For instance, you can zoom into photographs, and focus on small objects in the background like a water fountain.

With new stories presented in video formats, you have the option to put yourself in the story through a virtual reality system. This advanced VR system allows you to experience the news from the eyes of the reporter. This makes you feel like you were there as the news happened in a way no other form of media can duplicate.

Of course, there is a catch- 22 to this fancy high tech hologram system. You have to pay a monthly fee, and you are forced to watch a minimum of two hours of advertisements a day.

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