My Favorite Video Games Of 2019

Hearts2019 went by in a flash and so did my gaming time! I didn’t play many new releases. I actually spent most of my time clearing games from 2018. Such as the Secret of Mana remake. Still, I did manage to finish one 2019 game and play three others. Read on for my impressions and recommendations.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally came out last year! I’ve only played up until the Tangled world but I’m enjoying my time with it. What a delight to go through Toy Story my favorite Pixar movie from a new perspective. It’s a bit too easy and button mashy even on Proud Mode though. Still, it’s a joy to explore Disney worlds. And while the story remains convoluted as ever it keeps me on my toes. With the DLC out, I’m more excited to dive back in and finish it this year.

Devil May Cry 5

Another game I’m only a few hours in to give a full verdict. I’m relieved that most of my concerns from the demo I played last year don’t bother me anymore. Enemies feel more formidable and combat feels easy to grasp. As always Devil May Cry games ooze style and DMC 5 continues this trend. I love Nero’s ability to switch out multiple arms to enhance his combat style. I’ve been savoring the game just one mission at a time between backlog games. That way I appreciate the combat and story more. However, what I’ve played feels promising and lives up to past DMC games.

What the Golf

What do you get when you mix Wario Ware and golf? What the Golf? A clever game that redefines how you look at golf. Some of the golf scenarios feel equally creative and ridiculous at the same time. Golfing with the actual putt. Using a cow as a golf ball. Exploding barrels and cars. Golfing in space with gravity physics. This game constantly impresses me with each course and makes me glad I invested in Apple Arcade.


Sayonara Wild Hearts

Ever wanted to star in a pop album? Sayonara Hearts lets you live that dream. The game reminds me of Rez and the touch screen works well on the iPad. I only struggled with one level. The one where you had to predict where obstacles appeared on the road randomly. The rest of the game feels sublime and I enjoyed playing it in one sitting after I beat it. Queen Latifya’s narration and the confident art style keep you engaged too. Don’t miss out on this incredible audio and visual experience.

That’s it for this year. Hoping to finish more games in 2020 and excited for new consoles.

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