Tips for finding a job when you’re unemployed

Working while unemployed imageFinding a job. Often one of the most challenging and frustrating moments of your life. I’ve found myself in long periods of unemployment, and it’s hard to stay positive. To those going through a rough time here’s some helpful tips you can use while applying for jobs.

Get informed 
Maybe you have an effective job search strategy in place already. However, it’s beneficial to read some helpful career advice articles before you get started. Articles on theMuse, Inc, and Business Insider have a wealth of information you can use. Doing so will ensure you stay on top of new job trends and don’t waste your time doing ineffective work.

Create a schedule
When you don’t have a job working from home can drag, and it’s difficult to stay motivated. That’s why creating a schedule is so beneficial to your productivity. Map out your day hour by hour and see what times are most and least productive for you. This infographic from Business Insider has worked well for me. Remember finding a job is a job so make sure you have a schedule that reinforces it.

Take advantage of free resources at your library
Depending on where you live your local library may have a wealth of resources you can use for your job search. Besides a ton of books on any subject that interests you most libraries have classes. Such as how to create a winning resume and cover letter. Or getting a job through social media, and creating an excellent LinkedIn profile. Some libraries even have online courses or free access to Lynda so you can learn new skills. Your local library just may have everything you need to help you land that dream job.

Find a job search community
One of the best resources I used in San Francisco was The Job Forum. Each week two experts from different industries shared advice and guidance to job seekers. During my time there I learned about many job industries outside my field and talked to different people each time. If you don’t live in San Francisco, look for something similar in your area. Meetup and LinkedIn groups in the industry that interests you are another option. Having someone to talk to who is going through what you’re going and experts who can offer guidance helps a lot.

Build good job habits
Staying motivated is a challenge during your job search and your enthusiasm will wane. That’s why creating a daily or weekday habits help. Some habits that work well for me include, spending every morning applying for jobs. Every Thursday go to a networking event. Every day after lunch, you’ll email one of your connections on LinkedIn asking for help. Try to do them the same time each day and at least five days a week to build good discipline.

Get jobs sent to you and post your resume online
Besides applying on job boards, it’s helpful to post your resume online. The benefits are recruiters might contact you for jobs you hadn’t even considered. Also, get job alerts sent to your inbox. That way you’ll get relevant jobs sent to you and cut down your time looking for jobs.

Give yourself a deadline and have a backup plan
You need to hustle when finding a job so give yourself a time limit to get extra motivated in your job search. Your money will run out while you’re unemployed so prepare for the worst by taking that job you might not want to do.

Find a dedicated workspace
Working at home is tough. So find a desk you can use just for job work and if possible a separate room that’s not your bedroom. Or find a place away from home like the library or a cafe. Consider a coworking space too. Sometimes just getting out of the house and having a daily commute is all it takes to remain productive.

Allow yourself time for fun
Finding a job is a full-time job so make sure you allow yourself time in the evenings to unwind for the next day. Your downtime is essential for your well-being.

Create a networking calendar
Get in the habit of researching events online once a week that interest you and make an effort to go to one a week. It’s easier if you do it before the beginning of a new month, but I find spending 15 minutes a week enough.

Look at volunteer and class opportunities
Being busy with other things besides searching for jobs improves your outlook. If you’ve gone weeks or months without finding a job, take an evening class.  Or volunteer for events in industries that interest you to help pass the time.

Have any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments section.

I’ve decided to write a two-month blog series that will cover different challenging situations many people face during a job search. My goal is to pass along all the knowledge I’ve learned in my own job searches and help those succeed in finding work they love. Thanks for reading!


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