007 Tips You Can Learn from James Bond to Ignite Your Tech PR Career

IMG_2152James Bond needs no introduction. He’s the most popular secret agent in the world with 26 films and even more books to his name. He’s also someone you can use as a model to strengthen your tech PR skills. Wait! What? Are you serious? Yes! Bond’s behavior, ambition, resourcefulness and more all work in tech PR. In honor of the new Bond film Spectre releasing this year, let’s take a look at what 007 can teach us.

001: Bond Adapts to the Present
If Bond stayed the same and didn’t redevelop his identity multiple times over the years, he’d be KIA (killed in action) just like every other 00 agent. While tech PR isn’t espionage, agencies that don’t adapt to new trends risk being abandoned by their clients and the media. So to ensure your agency remains relevant, always evolve your tech PR craft and pay attention to changes in the industry.

002: Bond Is Proactive
Observe Bond in the films and you’ll notice he goes to venues alone, conducts his own research and makes new connections without his boss M’s approval. While you should probably get permission for high-level assignments, don’t be afraid to proactively pitch, share new ideas in team meetings and find that next great connection independently. Don’t wait around for opportunities to come to you. Make it happen.

003: Bond Constantly Seeks Out New Experiences
A day in the life of Bond is never the same. He’s always off having little adventures, whether it’s skiing in Switzerland, bungee jumping, playing a round of golf or using the latest Q-Branch gadgets. Obviously most people don’t share Bond’s luxurious work schedule, but devoting some of your free time to new activities can enrich your life in surprising ways. It might not seem practical now, but your interests and passions may prove invaluable to brainstorming the next great byline or press release idea for your clients.

004: Bond Is Ready for the Unexpected
Bond dresses to impress and lives a life of spontaneity. You never know when you’ll run into a client outside of work. So always be mindful of your appearance. Also, how you act in response to a client’s internal crisis can make or break your relationship. Do you know how to act under pressure? There’s no harm in preparing ahead of time, but you need to be able to act without hesitation – like Bond does.

005: Bond Is Very Thorough
Bond is meticulous with his research and knows his co-workers, friends and especially rivals like the back of his hand. He’s always thinking one step ahead and lining up his next move similar to a great poker player. You can do the same when interacting with your clients by demonstrating you’ve done your homework.

006: Bond Is Charismatic
Bond may be a cold-blooded killer, but he’s also an expert conversationalist. Watch his body language and behaviors to see how he demonstrates charisma. Observe how he focuses completely on who he’s talking to and displays just enough mystery to get people thinking about him when they’re alone. Be like him at your next networking event but also while you’re working. Consider this: do your pitches, conference calls and coffee meetings leave people wanting more?

007: Bond Never Gives Up
The most critical character trait of Bond is determination. Remember on those tough workdays that Bond has encountered much worse and still found ways to overcome his problems. You can’t win them all. So don’t let a reporter’s rejection or a client leaving your agency for someone else become personal. You might not be 007, but you can learn from him to better your tech PR career or any job for that matter.

For five more 007 tips check here and prepare for Spectre with this Bond film roundup.

I wrote this blog originally for BOCA Communications.

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