Top 10 Productivity Tips For a More Efficient PR Workday

work productivity

Working in PR can be stressful, and sometimes your daily responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Luckily, almost everyone can benefit from better time management to work more efficiently. Here are some productivity tips to consider to make your workday more enjoyable.

1. Work in multiple locations
Staying in the same spot can dampen your creativity and make it harder to finish your work. That’s why working from two or three different locations helps to boost your productivity. At BOCA, we’re fortunate to have three buildings to work from, but in a pinch a nearby cafe or a local library is a great alternative.

2. Work in short bursts with five-minute breaks
Having trouble getting anything done? Try setting a timer for 25 minutes and do as much work you can in that time frame. You’ll often find you want to keep working after your timer rings. The Pomodoro Technique is a great timer and resource to consider.

3. Choose a quiet room where you’re looking at a wall
If conversations from your coworkers and other background noise are distracting, try moving to a quiet room. Total silence can be very effective for tasks that demand a lot of focus and concentration.

4. Listen to music or podcasts for repetitive tasks
Do you feel frustrated and find yourself frequently procrastinating? Try listening to something entertaining in the background. Some background noise can be helpful to silence the voice inside your head that distracts you from starting an unpleasant task.

5. Go for a walk
Sitting in front of a computer writing and reading e-mails for hours can drain you. So, try taking a walk for 15 minutes around the block or sitting in the sun and people watching to clear your mind.

6. Play with pets
At BOCA, we have three dogs and two cats who roam around our offices and help everyone cheer up during stressful times. Sometimes the affection from a friendly animal is all you need to brighten up your day.

7. Be proactive
Instead of anxiously waiting to hear back from a client, take some time to outline a new project or future goal. Use your down time to plan ahead so you’ll always have set tasks to keep yourself occupied.

8. Do your most unpleasant task in the morning.
Ever heard the expression you should swallow a frog before noon? Mark Twain and other working professionals stressed the importance of getting the most difficult task of the day done immediately. Once the thing you dread is gone from your to-do list the rest of the day doesn’t seem so bad, and you can concentrate on what’s important to you.

9. Always carry a notepad and pen
Sometimes, writing longhand can do wonders for your productivity. Transferring stressful thoughts to paper can help you clear your head and concentrate easier. Also, it’s a great way to stay organized and multitask.

10. Use desktop and mobile productivity apps
Desktop time tracker apps can be great for managing all your assignments and ensuring you stay productive. Like to write to-do lists? Wunderlist works together with your computer and phone, and sends you reminders for due dates so you can stay on top of everything.

With these tips, you’re on your way to a having a more productive workday and being prepared for the daily challenges of PR. See which tips work for you and tailor them to your routine. If you can make them a habit, you’ll be more efficient and less stressed in no time.

I wrote this blog originally for BOCA Communications.

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