E3 2011 Rumors

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E3, the largest video game conference and trade show in the world begins next month. New video games are announced, and gamers can always expect a few surprises at the show. Here’s a look at what could be the five biggest stories at E3 if the rumors prove true.

Rumor one: Nintendo’s new system will have a wacky, revolutionary new controller

At this year’s E3, Nintendo will unveil the successor to the Wii, rumored to be called Project Cafe or Stream. Early reports on various video game websites like 1up claim that the system will be about as powerful as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and possibly with slightly better graphics. However, what is getting the most attention is the new controller. Video game journalists and analysts speculate that the new controller will be a more traditional controller similar to the Nintendo GameCube. It also rumored to have a six-inch touchscreen, a camera, motion control and some innovative new online features.

It’s possible that Nintendo will release a separate motion controller and that the system will be backward compatible with the Wii. Whatever Nintendo’s got up its sleeve, this new controller will probably steal the show at E3 just like the 3DS did last year.

Rumor two: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto IV hit consoles three years ago, and with the upcoming release of L.A. Noire it makes sense that Rockstar is working on something new. The new GTA is rumored to go back to San Andreas and to release before 2012. Also, 2012 is when series creators Sam Houser, Dan Houser, and Leslie Benzies contracts expire with Take-Two, according to analyst Michael Pachter. It would make sense that publisher Take-Two would want to release another GTA before these three potentially leave the company for good. In addition to contracts expiring, casting calls for voice actors that fit the new San Andreas direction have leaked on the Internet.And most interestingly of all, GTA V may be a launch title for Nintendo’s new system.

Rumor three: Halo 4 or remake of Halo: Combat Evolved

Bungie is done making Halo games, but that doesn’t mean the Halo franchise is over. This November marks the 10th anniversary of the original Halo, and 343 Studios is taking over development duties on future Halo games. Since Gears of War 3 is launching in September, Microsoft needs another big gun in its arsenal of holiday releases to combat Sony and Nintendo. The new title could either be an HD remake of Halo that uses the Halo: Reach graphics engine, or it could be Halo 4. A new Halo game starring Master Chief would bring back old fans of the franchise. Even if no new Halo comes out this year, it’s likely that Microsoft will make some announcement at E3.

Rumor four: Metal Gear Solid 5 or a new original title from series creator Hideo Kojima

It’s a running joke in the video game industry when Kojima says that the MGS game he’s currently working on will be the last one he directs. He said the same thing about Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, Guns of the Patriots and so on. Having just released Peace Walker for the PSP this year.

Kojima’s next title could be either Metal Gear Solid 5 for PS3 or the Sony NGP. Rumors on the Internet are that it will be a follow-up to Peace Walker since the series main character Solid Snake’s story was wrapped up in MGS4. If Kojima’s new game isn’t MGS5, then he probably will show something completely new at E3 that will get a rise out of all his fans.

Rumor five: NGP launches this year at $250

If Sony can get the price of the Next Generation Portable down to $250, Nintendo will have quite a fight on their hands. The NGP is considerably more powerful than the 3DS, so the price of the handheld will likely come in at $300 or more with some of the more expensive features like 3G removed. It’s also possible that the Japanese earthquake’s resulting hardware shortages could affect the launch. Still, some announcement from Sony is expected at E3, and they have to convince gamers to choose the NGP over the 3DS.

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